Chief Executive OfficerDan Glienke


Decades before he became the Chief Executive Officer of one of the most innovative livestock financing companies in the country, Dan was born and raised on a livestock and crop farm in Iowa. This early exposure to agriculture forged his lifelong passion for improving the livelihood of farmers worldwide. Even as an owner of a pork production facility today, Dan finds that his past is still influencing how he commits to that passion. After managing large sow farms in his 20s, he became a Livestock Production Specialist with a member co-op as well as a Pork Development Specialist. Throughout the years, he found himself consistently dealing in the financial and strategic planning of the business. In 2000, he used that expertise to join the Finance Company, growing the institution into what it's become. Now, as he leads a team dedicated to the wealth and wellbeing of rural farmers and communities, he can look back on that farm he grew up on and recognize the past’s significance on the success of the future.