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Southeast Cattleman

Starting out as a farm hand on a Mississippi stocker cattle operation, a young producer had a long-term goal of having his own business. With the help of an existing Land O’Lakes Finance Co. customer to get him started, he began feeding and grazing a few cattle of his own on leased pastures. After a few years of slowly growing his cattle operation, the young cattleman was ready to expand the business requiring financing of his own.

Land O’Lakes Finance Co. put together an initial financing package for the producer to purchase and graze 350 head of stocker cattle. Since then and over time, his operation has grown substantially and he now grazes over 7,500 head of stockers annually. Land O’Lakes Finance Co. has worked with him through every expansion of his operation providing additional capital when needed. In addition to his cattle operating funds, he has also purchased several new real estate pasture purchases obtaining long term fixed rate funds from Land O’Lakes Finance Co.