Swine Facility Refinancing

Product Overview

  • Swine facility loans
    • Competitive fixed and variable rate first mortgage loans
    • Terms up to 10 years, with longer amortizations available
    • Loan amounts of 75% of appraised facility values
    • Loan amounts of up to 100% of appraised facility values available with additional collateral
  • Land refinancing available
  • 10 year fixed rate loans
  • 65% of appraised land values
  • $100,000 minimum term loan size

Types of Swine Facilities

  • Generally facilities ten years old or newer
  • Part of an efficient production system
  • Finishing, wean to finish, nursery, farrowing, gestation, breeding and gilt isolation buildings

Producer Criteria

  • Pay legal, filing, appraisal and closing fees, including loan origination fee
  • Submit periodic financial statements and production records
  • Utilize approved production system
    • Management system
    • Genetics
    • Pig Flow
    • Marketing
    • Risk Protection
    • Utilize Land O' Lakes consulting services
    • Meet underwriting criteria
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