Equity Line of Credit

Land O' Lakes Finance Company's Equity Line of Credit is the convenient way to borrow all of your operating needs and Ag-related purchases. The Equity Line of Credit puts credit at your demand. With the Equity Line of Credit, you have the security of knowing funds are available at any time, for whatever purpose you wish…without having to re-apply for a loan…24 hours a day…365 days per year!! Your Equity Line of Credit can be accessed anytime you want.

Product Overview

  • Competitive variable rate Equity Line of Credit
  • Credit line term of 3-years, reviewed annually
  • Credit line amounts of up to 65% of real estate value minus prior liens

Loan Purpose

  • Ag-related operating expenses and purchases

Program Criteria

  • Meet underwriting criteria
  • Pay legal, filing, appraisal and closing fees
  • Submit periodic financial records
  • Minimum loan amount $100,000